Testimonial for Sue Hovell

Sue has been absolutely brilliant for both our girls sitting 11+ over the past few years. Both of them needed a confidence boost in Maths and English and Sue made the sessions interesting, fun and invaluable. The girls are quite different personalities and Sue definitely brought out the best in both of them. We have a lot to thank Sue for as she kept the girls motivated and focussed during what can be a very emotional and draining time (for parents and pupils!) She worked with them on a broad range of subjects as well as working with them on specific areas where they needed particular help. Both girls had a fantastic choice of schools at 11+ and both took up their first choice where they are very happy . Thank you Sue!”  

Claudine, September 2017

“I can honestly say that Ella enjoyed every minute of every lesson she had with Sue. It was lovely to see her come out buzzing and full of beans each week – bursting with new facts and clever ways of working things out. In fact, she enjoyed her lessons so much that she asked to continue with Sue even after the exams were over!  Sue gave Ella the confidence she needed to believe in herself and her abilities. Her enthusiasm for learning is infectious and she has a knack of explaining things so that they stick in your mind forever!  Aside from her excellent tutoring, Sue‘s kindness, patience and energy is very special – I cannot recommend her highly enough!  We are delighted that Ella will be going to her top choice school.”
Vania, September, 2017

Sue Hovell is much more than a teacher.

Having coached a number of young people in our family, she was the natural choice to assist us when our son applied to some top UK boarding schools.

The time gap between the application and assessment dates was a mere few weeks. Thus a very intense preparation plan was established and implemented to perfection by Sue.

The result was truly wonderful and our son will join his number one choice school, one of the most esteemed educational establishments in the country.

We are thankful to Sue, her contribution was invaluable.


12 February, 2017


Jamie has dyslexia, a two year learning delay and ADHD.  He needed extra support the year coming up to his GCSE exams, on top of extra support at school. Initially, he was sceptical about making a new acquaintance in a tutor as he was in denial of needing support (as he has always).  He agreed to go to Sue’s on a one off basis and only for 45 mins. (I sat in the car outside).  He came out and he said “She’s great Mum, she gets me, I’ll go again and in fact I will keep going”.  A great friendship developed, and come GCSE, Jamie exceeded his target grade in English Lit and Language.  Sue was informed about his results before his Grandma, he wanted her to be proud. I’m so proud of Jamie and so glad we had a the greatest opportunity to meet a wonderful tutor.

Sue has an ability to give space and show patience, as well as get a response. Jamie felt she didn’t push him but also kept him engaged the whole hour and sometimes more. He was enthralled by her commitment to him and by her interest in his life and not just learning.  Sue is such a great communicator with Jamie and I was very happy to let them work together without my intervening.  Sue also kept our communication open and kept me informed on his progress.

Vicki, September, 2016

Sue came highly recommended from a friend when she heard that my daughter had missed a lot of school  due to illness,  just months before her GCSE.  Sue was just amazing. She was just what my daughter needed.  In just a few months Sue was able to turn her grades around and despite everything she achieved an overall B in her English Language exam.  In one paper she actually got an A.  We can’t recommend her highly enough.

Antonietta, September, 2016

My daughter saw Sue once a week through years 5 and 6, ahead of her senior school entrance exams.  Tilly genuinely looked forward to her session every week and even if she went in feeling glum after a not so good day at school, she always came out smiling and laughing. Rather than just ‘tutoring’, Sue gave Tilly a confidence and self-belief that she had been lacking.  If there was ever anything at school that she was struggling with or hadn’t understood, Tilly would take it to Sue who has an amazing ability to explain things in a practical, straightforward way that always made sense to Tilly.  She felt she could talk to Sue about anything and many school worries were sorted in that hour. Sue helped her achieve her potential and she was offered places at all the schools she applied to. As a further testament to Sue, Tilly, by her own request, continued seeing Sue after her January exams until July.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue to others and would turn to her if I felt Tilly needed any help in the future.

Carolynn, September, 2016

Our two daughters had the pleasure and benefit of around two years of support from Sue Hovell in their learning in the middle to later years of their primary schooling. We were keen to give our daughters the opportunity to learn new approaches to problem-solving, to broaden their education and to have the confidence to ask for help in a supportive environment on any topics they struggled with at school. Sue made them feel instantly at ease, fostering a real, lasting bond that created the perfect setting for our daughters to gain confidence and to be challenged. We noticed a marked improvement in their mental maths in particular, and both girls have flourished at school and have enjoyed word games, puzzles, code and other problem-solving exercises. On a personal note, we have collectively enjoyed having Sue in our lives; she has a zest for life, is a warm and engaging individual, and very kind, caring and flexible. The girls always enjoyed their sessions with her.


Thank you so much for helping Caroline with her preparation for the senior school entrance examinations. Your guidance and kind words helped build her confidence and reduce the stress over such a challenging time. We were delighted that she received acceptance letters from all three schools that she applied to, including an academic scholarship from one.


Sue was the kind, fair and when necessary firm hand who guided our daughter through Years 4, 5 & 6, building her confidence and skills in equal measures. Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed her sessions, which she always described as fun and interesting. With her increased confidence she not only improved academically but more importantly became a happier little girl. As parents, we found Sue to be supportive and encouraging.


Sue has been a tremendous help to my two girls now aged 12 and 15.  She is extraordinarily personable and has a natural affinity with young people..  We never viewed Sue as a ‘tutor’ but somebody who instilled confidence in our children so that they came away from their sessions feeling  able to tackle subjects they may have been struggling with at school.   The girls always enjoyed going to see Sue and my eldest daughter still requests visits to brush up on tricky topics.   Cannot recommend Sue highly enough.


Sue started tutoring me when I was 10. I’d been struggling at school particularly in Maths.

She helped me to see things clearly, patiently explaining a concept when I didn’t get it. What’s more, she made it enjoyable to learn. I would never have achieved a B grade in GCSE Maths if it wasn’t for Sue.

She helped me with other subjects as well, even though they were not her speciality and she always took a great interest in my general progress.