About Sue

sueSue is a highly qualified teacher  with many years’ experience, based in Wimbledon, South West London.  She is trained in specific learning difficulties and has a diploma in psychology.

Her passion is to instil in each student a love of learning and a wider view of the world, but most importantly, to develop a confidence and belief in themselves.

Sue teaches children from 8 years old to GCSE (English and Maths). She prepares children for their 11+, including verbal and non verbal reasoning and for their Common Entrance examinations at 11 and 13.

Sue also mentors several teenagers as they prepare for their GCSEs, including study skills.

If you are a parent who would benefit from some advice on prospective schools for your child/children, do give Sue a call.

Being a parent herself, she has excellent relationships with the parents of her students and can provide useful  information on schools and colleges that would most suit their children.

Her testimonials will provide a clearer picture of her excellent work.  Do get in touch if you feel your child could benefit from her teaching.

Contact:  020 8946 7682 / 07732561812 / sue@suehovelltuition.co.uk